Thank you Bankless

Heading West with BanklessDAO

Thank you Bankless. Thank you Ryan, David, and Lucas. Thank you for creating the Bankless DAO and including us pioneers in your journey west.

Thank you for supporting us with enthusiastic podcasts, articles, Tweets, and Discord discussions during the brutal bear market of 2018-2020 when the price of Ethereum tumbled down by 94% ($1,420 to $80).

Thank you for challenging conventional norms of relying on slow and greedy banks, or working for hierarchical and centralized organizations.

Thank you for combining technical depth and effective communication to help me and other newbies get comfortable with self sovereign money management through smart contracts.

Thank you for inspiring me to make a career in crypto.

Thank you for the memes. ETH is money, in fact, it’s Ultra Sound money.

Thank you for bravely interviewing non-believers like Lyn Alden and Rohan Grey, giving them space to make their points, and eloquently engaging in productive dialogue.

Thank you for engaging politicians and regulators that help shape the future of cryptocurrency.

Thank you for generously sharing fundamental research and providing valuable yield generating opportunities.

Thank you for exposing new value-add projects like Aave, Loopring, Balancer, and KeeperDAO for investors and users in Ethereum.

Thank you for giving DeFi founders a platform to discuss their protocols, making them accessible through AMAs, and maintaining close relationships throughout the product lifecycle.

Thank you for helping bring people together to cultivate real friendships with fellow Bankless members.

Thank you for helping us level up our Ethereum and DeFi game.

Thank you for being open to collaborating with me and the Dogepunks team.

Thank you for being savvy deal makers with crucial startups like Opolis, an employment co-op providing essential payroll and benefits services for the self sovereign community.

Thank you for putting major advertising deals in place with crypto giants like Aave, yearn, Gemini, and Dharma.

Thank you for being classy hosts for titans of business (Mark Cuban) and regulatory framework (Hester Pierce)

As a member of the Bankless DAO, I vow to:

Contribute my time and thought leadership by exercising my vote and voice to build the community.

Strengthen the Bankless brand by being respectful of others, inclusive, thoughtfully answering questions, and reserving judgement.

Managing a robust treasury by bringing DeFi ideas to the DAO.

Make strategic venture investments in projects that benefit humanity.

Prioritize philanthropy to help and empower those in need.

Be a Bankless ambassador and bravely tell my bankless story to friends and family, government officials, and anyone curious enough to listen.

THANK YOU BANKLESS team for providing the most lucrative airdrop yet, too. I, and many of my fellow loyal listeners, don’t plan on selling a single token. In fact, I will buy enough to get to Level 3, then focus on evangelizing and building with my fellow Bankless pioneers. Let’s head west!